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In the age of abundance I help brands and coaches stand out and sell their services and products without being overwhelmed

richi singh

Struggling with sales?

Feeling lost in the sea of ever evolving marketing trends?

Battling brand identity crisis? Let’s create a stand out brand that makes your brand a community.

Overwhelmed by marketing options? Let’s simplify the path to increased leads and sales.

Drowning in the sea of competitors and struggling to stand out in the market?

Overcoming branding hurdles seem impossible? Let us simplify the journey for you.

What They Say

Working with Richi has been wonderful. I started off with a couple of ideas, but since I am not much of a social media person, I had to find an expert who could help me achieve my social media marketing goals. I found that expert in Richi. We had great communication: weekly meetings and daily contact when needed. She was accommodating to the fact that I was a beginner in business marketing, which made me feel a lot more comfortable. I loved all of her ideas. I look forward to working with Richi again.


    Metallurgist/Quality Engineer

    Richi has been working for us now for about 2 years as our social media manager. Richi is helpful, creative, and trustworthy. Richi consistently goes above and beyond to deliver results, providing valuable insights and innovative ideas. Her expertise in social media management is evident. I highly recommend Richi for her professionalism, dedication, and ability to bring a fresh perspective to any project. She is an asset to my team.

      Nomi Bachar
      Nomi Bachar

      Founder/ Director White Cedar Institute LLC

      Richi came on board to help us with some projects and has been a revelation. She has been an absolute asset to our organisation and steered us in the right direction with our goals. She has also helped others within the team to improve their work while self managing all the tasks that have been thrown at her. I would highly recommend her to any company!

        Rob Hart
        Rob Hart

        Director of Digital Campaigns at Radar One Media

        Richi is extremely capable and regularly goes beyond her role description to get the work done. I know her and her creative works since long time. Moreover, she is supportive, good mentor and great leader as well. Her positive approach and attention to detail make her a welcome addition to any team.

          Aman Singh
          Aman Singh

          Assistant Design Engineer iCRC US Transportation

          Working with Richi has been a wonderful experience for me. Richi and her team has helped me achieve great success in my venture. Would highly recommend Marketing Panda, to anyone who is a beginner in digital marketing, as the guidance provided by them , stands unparalleled to provided by other digital marketing agencies.

            DHEERENDRA Shukla

            social media marketing

            Richi is a goal-oriented visionary leader who never stops till it is done. I worked with her as a graphics designer. Richi’s expertise in social media, content, and online marketing. I would highly recommend Richi to someone looking for a digital marketing expert to help their business grow.

              Samyak Sankalp
              Samyak Sankalp

              Graphic/UI/UX Designer (Freelancer)

              richi singh

              Hello, I'm Richi

              Brand & Marketing Consultant

              I am a Marketing Professional postgraduate from the University Of Sussex in
              (Strategic Marketing MSc) currently working and based out of London. I have
              worked as a marketing professional for 5 years now. I have worked with
              coaches, solo entrepreneurs, and brands. I have grown my personal brand to a
              community of a total of 110,000 and counting across all various platforms.

              My expertise is Marketing Strategy and Brand development, leaning on my
              heavily trained writing and literature background as a theatre professional. I
              know my audience. Art of Persuasion is what I was trained in since childhood, In
              my plays I can make my audience cry & laugh and with my marketing strategies
              can make your brand a community.

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              I am also an author of a Book called Kingdom Of Hearts.

              I have helped multiple brands and coaches to 10x their brand revenue and
              online presence on social media platforms and Google using organic marketing
              strategies. I have worked with clients in the US, UK and South Asian markets.

              I have helped founders leverage and create strong personal brands on LinkedIn,
              and Instagram.

              I have worked as a full-time marketing professional for companies and as a

              From my degree to courses to years of real-life experience working with clients
              all over the world, I have educated and equipped myself with all to help my

              In short, In the age of abundance on steroids, I help my clients (coaches, and
              brands) stand out and thrive without being overwhelming.

              Ready to transform your business?

              You deserve a marketing strategy that
              doesn’t just promise but delivers real, game-changing results, sales, sign-ups.

              It’s time to elevate your success and make your business grow.

              Let’s talk – book a call with me now, and let’s make your goals a reality.

              Your business deserves nothing less than extraordinary, and I’m here to help you achieve it.

              richi singh

              Ready to transform your brand?

              Let’s talk. Experience the power of targeted Marketing strategies with me. Let’s guide your business to success, sales, signups, and more leads than ever before.
              Let’s guide your business to success, sales, signups, and more leads than ever before.

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